Mirro Pressure Canner 16 Quart

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Mirro Pressure Canner 16 Quart

16 Quart Liquid Capacity
Inside diameter - 12 inches
Inside Height - 8 1/4 inches
Overall Length - 18 1/2 inches
Overall Height - 11 inches
10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Mirro Model 92116

Price: $62.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The Mirro pressure canner is fast and economical, safe and easy to use. This versatile canner includes 5, 10 & 15 PSI pressure controls for a wide range of pressure cooking and canning jobs. This cooker preserves food up to 70% faster than water bath canners. You will save time and money with this quality pressure canner, enjoying healthy foods all year round!
Three separate safety features - Over pressure gasket release window, Over pressure release valve, Locking handles.

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5, 10 & 15PSI pressure controls.
Not for use on glass or ceramic ranges.
Pressure monitoring gauge.
Over pressure gasket release window.
Over pressure release valve.
Locking handles.
Aluminum construction.
Includes one cooking/canning rack, instruction manual and recipe book.
Gift Buyers: This item ships in it's factory box.
The outside of the box has a label which states the contents

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Jar Size - Capacity
4 Oz. Jar - 36 (triple stacked)
Regular Half Pint Jar - 24 (double stacked)
12 oz. Jar - 12
Regular Pint Jar - 9
Wide Mouth Pint Jar - 8
Pint and a Half Jar - 8
Regular Quart Jar - 7
Wide Mouth Quart Jar - 7

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Customer Reviews
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Good size
James M.
I've been using this to can stuff from my garden and it works perfectly. It's a great size for canning and storing.
Posted at 1:00:pm 05/29/18
Safety Features Galore
I love that there are several safety features to help prevent a blow out from occuring when using this canner.

The instructions have all the necessary info that I need for using the canner and I've done so succesfully several times now.
Posted at 2:21:pm 06/21/13
Best Deal For Quality
Nancy Wilson
I have used Mirro canners since my mother recommended them to me as a young woman in 1935. They have changed and are not exactly how they used to be but I have not been more impressed with a canner than I have with this one. The handles easily lock into pace and it works like a gem after the stove is on and the gauge is in place. After this purchase, I know I can joyfully use and trust this brand and company.
Posted at 4:07:pm 07/08/11


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