Mirro Pressure Cooker 8 Quart

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Mirro Pressure Cooker 8 Quart

8 Quarts Liquid Capacity
Inside diameter - 9 1/2 inches
Inside Height - 6 1/2 inches
Overall Length - 18 inches
Overall Height - 10 1/4 inches

10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Mirro Model 92180
This pressure cooker is not suitable for canning.

Price: $49.95

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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This economical and speedy pressure cooker will cut cooking time by as much as 70%. Make delicious meals that retain healthy nutrients that are often lost in conventional cooking. If you are short on time and cash, a pressure cooker will make dinner happen!
Automatic control at 10lbs. Locking Handles. Safety Over Pressure Valve, Overpressure Safety Window, Tight Sealing Cover Gasket. Aluminum alloy. Instruction/recipe book included.

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10 PSI pressure control
Pressure cooking cuts cooking times up to two-thirds!
Pressure cooking retains nutrients lost in conventional cooking.
Uses a Triple Safe Design, which features a reusable safety over pressure valve, sure-locking lid system and overpressure safety window.
Dishwasher safe.

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Customer Reviews
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Perfect Size
Louis S.
This cooks a great meal for us 4. Cleaning is a snap, and storage is easy.
Posted at 12:04:pm 05/29/18
Pressure control tip for 8qt and up
Update from my earlier comment. When screwing the pressure control ball go past the thread engagement to where the ball is resting loosely on the lid. My first 20 minutes just boiled the beans. I made the above change and the pressure became more obvious with the jiggling, etc and the beans came out great.
Posted at 4:36:pm 05/25/15
seems to be working on ceramic stove, 10psi?
I\'m breaking in the Mirro 92080 8 quart, the pressure control is not jiggling like the manual says it should and the pinto beans I\'m trying seem to be taking longer than I expected.
Posted at 2:40:pm 05/25/15
anita eiden
i8 have been using mirro pressure cookers for over 40 years my mom use one also. i like mirro over presto. better built. the only complaint is finding parts locally. don't a;ways have the time to go on line to look up parts and pay shipping. do like the pressure gage that lets me select the pressure i want when cooking different foods. over all i will buy mirro any day over presto.
Posted at 1:29:pm 08/06/12
Good quality, love it.
My Grandmother used one, my mom used one and I use mine. The Mirror brand seems more durable than my first Presto.....Thanks.
Posted at 5:45:am 11/21/11
happy cook
I just used my new pressure cooker for the first time and am very pleased with the quality of this product. The sturdy construction and ease of use will prompt me to recommend this product to friends searching for a new pressure cooker!
Posted at 7:55:am 08/25/11


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