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Purple Mason Jars Quart

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Purple Mason Jars Quart

Purple Mason Jars Quart   Purple Mason Jars Quart

Includes 6 wide mouth flat lids and screw bands for preserving food
Safe preserving seal guarantee for cool temperature jar storage throughout the year.
Made in the USA
Width:3.5 inches
Height:6.9 inches

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6 wide mouth purple ball jars with flat lids and screw caps. Quart jars holding 32 oz. Limited edition purple mason jars by Ball American Heritage Collection Series. Great for decorating and home canning!

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StarsStarsStarsStarsStars so pretty
Shelly Schmidt
we bought these at a local kitchen store we are new to canning but i love the colored jars i wish there were more options would be nice to color code my pantry.
Posted at 2:26:am 06/29/17


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