Granite Ware Canner

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Granite Ware Canner

20 Quart Liquid Capacity
Inside diameter - 12 1/2 inches
Inside Height - 9 3/8 inches
Overall Length - 19 inches
Overall Height - 12 1/2 inches
Columbian Home Model F0730-2

Price: $99.00

GraniteWare, the leader in water bath canners and enamel cookware, is proud to introduce their 20 Quart Pressure Canner. It elevates food temperature to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to sterilize even low-acid foods by killing bacteria and botulism spores. This canner comes with a 3-piece pressure regulator, which allows you to select 5, 10, or 15 pounds of pressure, as well as a wire canning rack. Additionally, a convenient steamer insert can be used to make huge batches of tasty vegetables. Safety features include locking handles, two safety valves (spring-loaded and whistling alarm), and a hard, anodized steel construction. This GraniteWare 20-Quart Pressure Canner is just right for your kitchen!

Note: This canner includes an instruction manual

Note for Gift Buyers: This item ships in its factory box. The outside of the box has a label which states the contents.

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How often should I replace my rubber gasket?

5, 10 & 15PSI pressure controls
2 safety valves (1 spring-loaded, 1 whistling alarm)
Locking handles.
Hard anodized construction
Includes 3 piece pressure regulator, wire canning rack, streamer insert, and instruction manual

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Jar Size - Capacity
4 Oz. Jar - 24 (double stacked)
Regular Half Pint Jar - 24 (double stacked)
12 oz. Jar - 12
Regular Pint Jar - 8
Wide Mouth Pint Jar - 7
Pint and a Half Jar - 7
Regular Quart Jar - 7
Wide Mouth Quart Jar - 7
Half Gallon Jar - 4

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Induction stove
Will this work on an induction stove?

This canner is constructed from aluminum so it would not work on an induction stove.
Customer Service
Posted at 4:44:am 11/11/17
Electric stove
Daniel Doyel
Will this work on an electric stove
Posted at 4:42:am 09/04/17
Compatible with gas/propane stoves?
Is this cooker compatible with a propane/gas stovetop? I need one that can be used on such a stovetop.
Posted at 7:52:pm 04/26/17
Response to Thelma
Customer Service
This canner is constructed from aluminum so it would not work on an induction stove.
Posted at 11:41:am 09/18/15
Granite ware pressure canner 20 quart
Thelma west
Is this canner compatible with an induction cooktop?
Posted at 5:38:am 09/15/15


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