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Presto 21B Pressure Canner Parts
21 Quart

Presto 9907
9907 Sealing Ring

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Presto 9911
9911 Automatic Air Vent

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Presto 1058
1058 Vent Pipe

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Presto 85771
85771 Steam Gauge

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Replaces the 82087 Gauge
Presto 9978
9978 Pressure Regulator

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Presto 85443
85443 Body Handle

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Presto 85444
85444 Cover Handle

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Presto 85655
85655 Recipe/Instruction Book

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Presto 85707
85707 Cooking Canning Rack

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Rack measures 11 1/4" in diameter
How do I find my model number?
How do I replace the rubber gasket? & how often?
Is the toggle switch (control value) on old All American Canner replaceable?
Can I get a replacement lid?
Which saftey fuse / over pressure plug do I need?
The Mirro regulator weight & vent pipe listed for my model are different. Will they work safely?
Is measuring a gasket helpful in finding the replacement?
What's the difference between gasket 3004 and 9882?
Is there a parts distributor in Canada?
Leakage under the pressure regulator?
Leakage between the cover and the body?
Leakage around automatic air vent?
Instruction Manuals
Selecting the Right Pressure Canner


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