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Racks for Pressure Canners and Cookers
Racks are required to elevate jars from the bottom of the canner to insure proper and safe canning. Racks can also be used when cooking as seperation between food layers.
Rack should be a diameter that is less than the inside diameter of your cooker / canner.

Cooking and Canning Racks

Diameter: Item #: Price:  
6 5/8" Opc85341$8.99
7 7/8" Opc85360$7.99
9 1/2" OpcAA111$12.49
9 3/4" Opc85622$8.99
11 1/4" Opc85707$10.99
11 1/2" OAA151$14.49
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Canning Racks for Pressure Canners