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Sauerkraut Supplies


There are clear and quantifiable benefits to human health from having fermented foods included in our diets.

Selection of handy sauerkraut making supplies. These include cabbage cutters, wooden ponders, pickling salts, stainless steel bowls and hand held cabbage choppers. See our sauerkraut recipe and learn how to make DIY sauerkraut in a ceramic crock with or without a lid t home.

Fermentation Salt
Ball Pickling Salt
Two Pounds

Price: $3.49

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Sauerkraut Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt
One Pound

Price: $6.99

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Real Sea Salt
Real Salt
26 oz

Price: $8.99

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Fermentation Salt
Mrs. Wages Pickling Salt
Three Pounds

Price: $4.49

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Wooden Handle Cabbage Chopper

Price: $5.99

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Hand Held Cabbage Chopper
Tooth Edge Kraut Chopper
by Rada

Price: $5.25

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Stoneware Crocks

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