All American Pressure Canners

All American Pressure Canners
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An industrial quality canner without parallel made in the USA. The All American Canner is constructed with precision machined, heavy duty materials for durability and ease of use. Feel comfortable knowing that safety is built-in with the same attention to detail. Buy an All American Pressure Cooker today.

These cookers offer the best and safest method for home canning. The U.S.D.A. recommends that pressure canning is the only way to can meat, fish, poultry and all vegetables. All American Pressure Cookers feature an exclusive metal to metal seal. No gasket to wear out and replace. Extra heavy, high grade aluminum heats quickly, wears well, cleans easily, and will not rust.

All American # AA-910
Our Number OpcAA910
All American # AA-915
Our Number OpcAA915
All American # AA-921
Our Number OpcAA921
All American # AA-925
Our Number OpcAA925
All American # AA-930
Our Number OpcAA930
All American # AA-941
Our Number OpcAA941
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