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Pressure Cookers

Pressure Cookers are a great way to lower your food bill and feed your family. At Pressure Cooker Outlet we offer a variety of Pressure Cookers for you to compare and purchase. Our line of Presto Pressure Cookers are made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel. The Mirro Pressure Cookers works well with small and medium size kitchens. We also offer Pressure Cookers from Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry. These Cookers are more commonly known as the All American Pressure Cookers. Maitre's Pressure Cooker have great looks, are safe and have excellent performance

Presto Pressure Cookers (Aluminum)

Presto Pressure Cookers (Stainless Steel)

All American Pressure Cookers

The only pressure cooker that can be used for canning.

Mirro Pressure Cookers


Chef's Design Pressure Cooker


Pressure Cooker History

Before the pressure cooker was invented, cooking food was a very difficult household chore that could sometimes take an entire day for just one meal. Cooking happened on wood stoves or over open fires. This could result in food not being cooked well, but people made do with what they had and went on about their lives as they did not have any other options to choose from.

In 1679 a man named Denis Papin came along. Papin was a French mathematician and physicist. No one truly knows what inspired him to invent to pressure cooker, but invent one he did and he named it the Papin Digester.

This ancestor to our current pressure cooker was a cumbersome machine that had a reputation for being dangerous. It was hard to regulate the temprature and steam so having one explode was a common occurance. One of the problems it had? It was created with cast iron.

In the past 330+ years pressure cookers have gone through a vast variety of changes. Today's pressure cooker is much safer than the original. However, the idea behind the pressure cooker is still the same, to cook food more quickly and efficiently, to have the food be more flavorful and tender than traditional cooking methods. Your pressure cooker will save you time and energy in your kitchen and it will allow you to create delicious meals quickly and with ease.


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