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Mirro Pressure Cooker 6 Quart

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Mirro Pressure Cooker 6 Quart

6 Quart Liquid Capacity
Inside diameter - 8 1/2 inches
Inside Height - 6 1/4 inches
Overall Length - 17 1/4 inches
Overall Height - 9 1/4 inches
10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Mirro Model 92160

Price: $34.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Looking for a fast way to cook healthier? Then a Pressure Cooker is just the thing for you. This cooker cuts cooking time by as much as 70% and it retains healthy nutrients that are lost in conventional cooking.

Automatic control at 10lbs. Locking Handles. Safety Over Pressure Valve, Overpressure Safety Window, Tight Sealing Cover Gasket. Aluminum alloy. Instruction/recipe book included.

10 PSI pressure control
Pressure cooking cuts cooking times up to two-thirds!
Pressure cooking retains nutrients lost in conventional cooking
Uses a Triple Safe Design, which features a reusable safety over pressure valve, sure-locking lid system and overpressure safety window
Dishwasher safe.

To compare this pressure cooker to our other models see our Pressure Cooker Comparison Chart

Please note: Mirro Pressure Cookers are NOT recommended for use on glass top/flat ranges. They are manufactured with a concave bottom, meaning a large area of the bottom is not in contact with the heat source. This will prevent the transfer of heat and not allow the cooker/canner to come up to pressure if used on a flat top range.

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Customer Reviews
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Mirro-Matic 6 qt. pressure cooker
I received a Mirro-Matic pressure cooker as a wedding present 51 years ago. After I had been married 10 years, my Mom traded me her 6 qt. for my 4 qt, the one I have now is probably a few years older than 51 years. I have used it off & on over the years, maybe 2-3 times a year. I know it's hard to believe, but it still has the same rubber seal gasket. I just today, ordered a new one. I have an electric pressure cooker but I much prefer my stovetop cooker. Hopefully, I can pass it on to my grandaughter & maybe she'll get 50 years use from it.
Posted at 2:17:pm 01/21/14
Bought for Jiggler
Betty D.F.
Not many cookers have the jiggler feature anymore, just a dial gauge, I don't want to stand by the stove constantly monitoring the pressure, with the jiggler I can just listen and monitor my cooking by ear while accomplishing other household chores.
Posted at 12:07:pm 06/21/13
Very pleased with this cooker.
Margaret Cox
I have always loved Mirro pressure cookers. Bought this one recently and love it. It's just the right size for my household. Very good folks to buy from and can't beat the price.
Posted at 6:48:pm 06/20/13


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