Presto Pressure Cooker 4 Quart Stainless Steel

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Presto Pressure Cooker 4 Quart Stainless Steel

18/10 Gauge Stainless Steel
4 Quarts (Liquid) Capacity
Inside diameter - 8 3/8 inches
Inside Height - 4 1/4 inches
Overall Length - 17 inches
Overall Height - 6 5/8 inches
12 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Presto Model #: 01341

Price: $39.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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A Presto pressure cooker will cook food up to ten times faster than standard cooking methods. Empty refrigerators and fast food trips become a thing of the past when you use a pressure cooker. Cook large amounts of healthy foods, saving you time and money. Purchase a quality pressure cooker today!
This cooker features stainless steel construction to ensure lasting beauty and easy cleaning. Bimetal-clad base for fast, even heat distribution. Cover lock indicator shows at a glance if there is pressure inside the cooker. Includes cooking rack and complete instruction/recipe book.
Please note: The consumer will need to attach the handles to the cover and pot before first use.

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Pressure regulator maintains the proper cooking pressure automatically.
Ideal for use on regular and smooth-top ranges.
Luxurious stainless steel for long lasting beauty and easy cleaning.
Cover lock indicator shows at a glance if there is pressure inside the cooker.
Includes cooking rack and complete 64-page instruction/recipe book.

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Customer Reviews
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25 years old!
ellen ruby

KI have had my Presto 4 quart pressure cooker for about 25 years!
I have only replaced the sealing gasket a few times and am about to replace it again. I love it and use it all the time in the winter mainly for making beans.
Posted at 7:53:am 12/10/17
Best in its class for quality and price!
I've had my Presto 4 qt. Stainless cooker for about 8 years or more and it still looks good and is going strong. For years I made my little dog his food with ground turkey, carrots or sweet potatoes, brown rice and green beans and he lived to be 15 years old. I love to cook one-pot dinners in my Presto cooker and brown rice to store cooked in the freezer that only takes 10--12 minutes. If you're mainly cooking for one or two people, this is the pressure cooker to try!
Posted at 8:53:am 08/20/17
I absolutely love this cooker. Perfect size and still looks great today. I have had mine for 3 years now and still looks brand new.
Posted at 12:19:pm 04/23/14
My new 4 quart Staimless Steel
judy C.
Had one years ago and gave it to my oldest son. Now that all my kids are gone (out of the house) I need a small cooker for quick meals for hubby and I. This was perfect. Thanks for quick shipping. I love it.
Posted at 4:23:pm 06/18/13
Can't find locally
I received my Presto Pressure Cooker in stainless steel, 4 quart. I already had a Presto 8 quart. Excellent service at Red Hill General Store and Pressure Cooker Outlet's websites. I have been unable to find these products locally.
Posted at 11:08:am 02/06/12
Almost Perfect.
It's cooking ability is amazingly fast. Things that normally take several hours to cook (e.g. dry beans) take only 1/4 the usual time, or less. My only complaint is that it's not big enough for large meals to feed a family of 4 - you can't fill it more than 2/3 full.

It's best to use for sides or would be perfect for two people.

Gaskets are easy to find and work as they should!
Posted at 6:20:pm 09/06/11


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