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Mirro Pressure Cooker 4 Quart

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Mirro Pressure Cooker 4 Quart

4 Quart Liquid Capacity
Inside diameter - 7 1/2 inches
Inside Height - 5 1/2 inches
Overall Length - 14 1/2 inches
Overall Height - 8 1/2 inches
10 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Mirro Model 92140

Price: $27.99

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Economy speed cooker. Cuts cooking time by as much as 70%. Retains healthy nutrients lost in conventional cooking. If you are looking for a fast way to eat healthy then a pressure cooker is just the thing you need.

Automatic control at 10lbs. Locking Handles. Safety Over Pressure Valve, Overpressure Safety Window, Tight Sealing Cover Gasket. Aluminum alloy. Instruction/recipe book included.

10 PSI pressure control
Pressure cooking cuts cooking times up to two-thirds!
Pressure cooking retains nutrients lost in conventional cooking.
Uses a Triple Safe Design, which features a reusable safety over pressure valve, sure-locking lid system and overpressure safety window.
Dishwasher safe.

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Please note: Mirro Pressure Cookers are NOT recommended for use on glass top/flat ranges. They are manufactured with a concave bottom, meaning a large area of the bottom is not in contact with the heat source. This will prevent the transfer of heat and not allow the cooker/canner to come up to pressure if used on a flat top range.

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Very efficient cooker for 2 people.Makes lesser grades of meat tender, also great for quickly cooking veggies when time doesn't allow.
Posted at 9:49:am 04/23/14


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