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German Fementation Crocks
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Stoneware Preserving Covers

1 Gallon
8 3/4"
5 1/2"
1 1/2"
2 Gallon
 7 1/2"
1 1/2"
3 Gallon
8 3/4 "
1 1/2"
4 Gallon
 12 1/2"
 9 1/4"
1 1/2"
5 Gallon
13 3/4"
10 1/2"
1 3/4"

*measurements can vary, covers are hand fired.
food safe

These Covers can be delivered anywhere in the Contiguous United States.

Your USA made Stoneware Covers is shipped from Virginia by UPS to arrive within four to eight business days of our receiving your order.

Stoneware Preserving Covers

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select size to view details. ceramic stoneware food safe covers in five gallon sizes.

1 Gallon Crock Thumb 2 Gallon Crock Thumb 3 Gallon Crock Thumb 4 Gallon Crock Thumb 5 Gallon Crock Thumb

One Gallon Crock Covers


Total: $

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

These Stoneware Preserving Covers are made to fit Ohio Stoneware cylinder ceramic crock gallon sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. These heavy covers protect brine from open-air contaimation during fermentation. Read more about crock lid styles here. Remember to place your covered crock in a cool place while the contents ferment. Heat speeds up development of surface molds (read about surface molds and what to expect here). These covers may fit crocks from other manufacturers. Verify measurements before ordering. Made in the United States of America by Ohio Stoneware

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Customer Reviews
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Heavy duty ceramic
just like it should be. Excellent service and shipping.
Posted at 10:58:am 05/16/14


Stoneware Ceramic Crock Covers Made In Ohio - Pressure Cooker Outlet