Presto 23 Quart Canning Kits

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Presto 23 Quart Canning Kits

Presto 23 Quart Canning Kits   Presto 23 Quart Canning Kits

23 Quarts Liquid Capacity
Inside diameter - 12 1/4 inches
Inside Height - 11 1/2 inches
Overall Length - 17 1/4 inches
Overall Height - 15 3/4 inches

12 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Presto Model #: 01781

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Price: $153.98
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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This kit includes: the Presto 23 quart pressure canner, the Ball Blue Book (the most comprehensive easy-to-follow instruction guide on the market) and a four piece canning kit. Everything you need to start canning at home!

Jar Size - Capacity
4 Oz. Jar - 48 (quadruple stacked)
Regular Half Pint Jar - 24 (double stacked)
12 oz. Jar - 26 (double stacked)
Regular Pint Jar - 18 (double stacked)
Wide Mouth Pint Jar - 16 (double stacked)
Pint and a Half Jar - 8
Regular Quart Jar - 7
Wide Mouth Quart Jar - 7
Half Gallon Jar - 4

Ball Blue Book
Beginner to advanced how-to step-by-step instructions and recipes.
Learn proper home canning principles, altitude adjustments, headspace, processing, and storage
Planning guide for harvest to process prep.
Understand canning tools
Guide and favorite recipes of (1) waterbath canning (2) pressure canning (3) dehydrating and (4) freezing.
Instructions for processing high and low acidic foods (meats, fish, fruits and vegetables), pickled foods, and spreads.
Special Diet section for low-sugar and low-salt recipes
The quick problem solver answers common food preservation questions

4 Piece Canning Kit
Funnel for filling regular and wide mouth canning jars.
Bubble remover for releasing trapped air bubbles.
Magnetic lid lifter removes canning lids from hot water.
Jar lifter easily removes hot jars from canner.

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Customer Reviews
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StarsStarsStarsStarsStars Wow!
Red Hill Gen. Store is SERIOUS about their shipping...I received the kit almost before I could finish the order.
Absolutely great price for the full kit and the Ball Blue Book looks to be worth it\'s weight in gold.
I couldn\'t be happier with the whole experience and RHGS has been firmly placed in my favorites folder. I WILL be a repeat customer.
Posted at 2:55:am 01/08/15
StarsStarsStarsStarsStars Great Kit
This kit came in very handy for my first pressure canning attempt. I really found the Ball Blue book to be helpful. I don't know of many other sites that offer the kits together like this. Thanks again!
Posted at 6:05:pm 08/12/13
StarsStarsStarsStarsStars easy
Just getting started in home canning and a friend recommeded getting this canning kit form Red Hill General store. Everything was easy to use and the price couldn't be beat! Had to call customer service when ordering my canning kit and really can not say enough about how wonderful I was treated by the young lady on the phone. Have never recieved that kind of service in retail stores much less on the phone! Thank you for offering a great item at a unbeatable price with super customer service. I will remember this when I am shopping for another canner or any item in the future. Red Hill General Store you rock!
Posted at 8:34:pm 12/06/11


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