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Important Information

Fagor went out of business. Original parts are no longer made. We have a few parts left but they are going fast. We do carry two sizes of Fagor gaskets made by an independent gasket company. They are designed specifically for Fagor pressure cookers and are exact dimensional replications manufactured with white high temperature food grade silicone.

Determining the correct Fagor gasket size using your model number can be tricky.

Fagor 998010432 Gasket
The outer diameter of the smaller gasket is about 9.5"

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FG-9ALPC11 Gasket
The outer diameter of the larger gasket is about 10.5".

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You can measure the diameter of your old gasket to determine which gasket you need. Gaskets should be a little big as they normally shrink over time.

Not all Fagor replacement gaskets available on the online marketplace are exact replicas. Ours are. In stock and same day shipping before 4:00 p.m Eastern Time. Click on model pages to view other replacement parts still available.

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How to find your
Pressure Cooker Model Number

Model numbers are usually on the product in a visible location. Look for an aluminum, silver, or white tag that has a number stamped into it. Use that number when searching for parts by model number.

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list. If your model number is not listed then we may not have information on it.

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