Wards and Magic Seal
Pressure Cooker Parts

How to find your Wards or Magic Seal
Pressure Cooker Model Number

Model numbers are usually on the product in a visible location. Look for an aluminum, silver, or white tag that has a number stamped into it. Use that number when searching for parts by model number.

If you are looking for a instruction book for a specific pressure cooker click on the model number and the instruction book will be listed with the other replacement parts for your cooker.
(All sealing rings are packed with overpressure plug or automatic air vent)

Please note: This is not a comprehensive list. If your model number is not listed then we have no information on it.

George of Galveston, Texas sent us these pictures of a vintage Wards 25 Quart Pressure Cooker that he received from his grandparents.

Wards 25 Quart Pressure Cooker

Wards 25 Pressure Cooker

Wards Vintage Pressure Canner

The Model number could not be located on this cooker. If you have any more information about this cooker or any old pressure cookers email us at cs@redhillgeneralstore.com

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