Presto 9907 Sealing Ring

Presto 9907 Canner Gasket Replacement Kit

Presto 9907 Canner Gasket Replacement Kit    After-Market 9907 Gasket Replacement Kit    Vent Pipe Cleaning Rod

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Presto 9907 Canner Gasket Replacement Kit
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After-Market 9907 Gasket Replacement Kit
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Vent Pipe Cleaning Rod
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Replacing your gasket keeps your canner in tiptop shape. If your pressure canner has lost its pressure-building ability or started leaking, it is past time for a new gasket. Replacing your gasket every few years protects against unexpected gasket blowout and pressure loss. This rubber sealing ring (9907) is designed to fit numerous 16-quart and 21-quart canner models, ensuring a reliable and durable seal.

The gasket kit includes a new overpressure plug or automatic air vent, providing you with all the essentials to get your canner back into optimal working condition swiftly.

We offer this replacement 9907 pressure gasket from two manufacturers.

The genuine Presto 9907 canner gasket is our number Opc9907x1c and is made with a high temperature food grade black silicone.

The after-market 9907 gasket replacement made by Univen made with a white food grade neoprene rubber our number OpcPR9907x1c.

The Gaskets on This Page Ship For Free.

9907 gasket is compatible with some National, Sears, Maid of Honor Canners, Wards, Magic Seal, and Presto canner brands. Fits Presto canner models: 01/CA16A, 01/CA16H, 01/CA21A, 01/CA21H, 21, 21AV, 21B, 21S, 7, 7AV, 7B, 7S, CA16, CA16H, CA21, CA21H

If you don't already own one, we also recommend the Vent Pipe Cleaning Rod. This sturdy rod is designed for easy removal of dangerous buildup from the canner vent pipe. Deposit built up can inhibit the pot's ability to maintain proper pressure. Check the vent pipe each time you go to use your pressure canner to ensure it is clear and without buildup obstructions.

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Helpful Tips:
Store extra gaskets in an airtight container to prevent hardening and deterioration over time.

This Sealing Ring may appear too big for your lid but it will fit. It requires some effort for the ring to be worked into the lid for a proper seal. Check out this presto 9907 canner gasket installation video on our channel.

Prior to installation, it's crucial to thoroughly remove any remnants of the original gasket material from the lid to guarantee a proper seal and fit.

Plugs should be replaced at least as frequently as the gasket. Never reuse a blown automatic air vent or overpressure plug.

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