Canning Rack

Canning Rack

Canning Rack 11.5 Quart   Canning Rack 21 Quart   Canning Rack 33 Quart

Canning Rack 11.5 Quart
Price: $8.49

Canning Rack 21 Quart
Price: $10.49

Canning Rack 33 Quart
Price: $11.99

A wire canning rack is essential for water bath canning. Constructed from galvanized steel and available in three sizes. Fits most water bath canners. Note* these racks are meant for water bath canners, and may not fit correctly in pressure canners. View measurements length (L), width (W), and height (H).

11 1/2Qt. rack measures - 10.125 x 10.125 x 13" and holds seven 1 pint jars

21Qt. rack measures - 12.125 x 12.125 x 10.25" and holds seven 1 quart jars

33Qt. rack measures - 14.4 x 14.4 x 4.1" and holds nine 1 quart jars

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