Graniteware 21 Quart Water Bath Canning Kit

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Graniteware 21 Quart Water Bath Canning Kit

Graniteware 21 Quart Water Bath Canning Kit   Graniteware 21 Quart Water Bath Canning Kit

21Qt. Canner
15.5 x 15.5 x 15"

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This economical canning kit includes a high quality 21 Quart Graniteware Water Bath Canner, the incredibly useful Ball Blue Book, and a practical, 7-Function Canning Kit. Along with our huge selection of mason jars, this kit includes everything you need to start canning!

The Ball Blue Book is the gold-standard recipe and instruction book for canning! It includes comprehensive, step-by-step canning instructions, as well as information about altitude adjustments, headspace, harvesting, processing, and storage. It even has a section about canning tools! It details various methods for preserving high acid, low acid, and pickled foods. These methods include waterbath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, and freezing. It even contains a Special Diet section with low-sugar and low-salt recipes! All the information you will ever need for canning is right here!

The Canning Kit includes a Canning Funnel, Bubble Remover/Headspace Tool, Jar Lifter and Magnetic Lid Lifter. Note: This canner cannot be used on glass, flat top, or ceramic cooktops.

Jar Size - Capacity
4 Oz. Jar - 12
Regular Half Pint Jar - 13
12 oz. Jar - 10
Regular Pint Jar - 9
Wide Mouth Pint Jar - 8
Pint and a Half Jar - 8
Regular Quart Jar - 7
Wide Mouth Quart Jar - 7
Half Gallon Jar - 4

Ball Blue Book
Beginner to advanced how-to step-by-step instructions and recipes.
Learn proper home canning principles, altitude adjustments, headspace, processing, and storage
Planning guide for harvest to process prep.
Understand canning tools
Guide and favorite recipes of (1) waterbath canning (2) pressure canning (3) dehydrating and (4) freezing.
Instructions for processing high and low acidic foods (meats, fish, fruits and vegetables), pickled foods, and spreads.
Special Diet section for low-sugar and low-salt recipes
The quick problem solver answers common food preservation questions

4 Piece Canning Kit
Canning Funnel - fills regular and wide mouth canning jars.
Bubble Remover/Headspace Tool - for releasing trapped air bubbles inside jars
Magnetic Lid Lifter - for removing canning lids from hot water.
Jar Lifter - lifts hot jars from canner with a gentle and sturdy grip.

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