Ohio Stoneware Pickling Crocks

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Ohio Stoneware Pickling Crocks

Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
1 Gallon
6 5/8"
7 3/4"
8 1/4"
2 Gallon
8 1/4"
9 3/4"
3 Gallon
11 1/4"
4 Gallon
9 3/4"
11 3/8"
5 Gallon
11 1/8"
12 1/4"
14 1/4"
10 Gallon
14 1/2"
16 1/4"
17 1/4"

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1 Gallon 2 Gallon 3 Gallon 4 Gallon 5 Gallon 10 Gallon

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One Gallon Ceramic Crock


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These crocks can be delivered anywhere in the Contiguous United States.

Your USA made ceramic crock is shipped from Virginia by UPS to arrive within four to eight business days of our receiving your order.

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Crocks have many uses from the traditional use of preserving vegetables, like cucumbers for pickles and cabbage for sauerkraut, to more practical everyday uses: containers for potpourri, candy, magazines, kitchen utensils, cookbooks, pens and pencils, or even candles. Unlike many imports, all of our crocks are made with lead free glazes which makes them food safe, microwave oven, conventional oven, and dishwasher safe.
Made in America by Ohio Stoneware

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Customer Reviews
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StarsStarsStarsStarsStars 4 Gallon Crock
Larry Enge
Extremely reliable. My crock arrived before the expected date in excellent condition. Because it was a larger crock, I purchased the extra insurance just in case. But there were no issues - it arrived safely.
Posted at 8:16:pm 11/10/13


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